There has been numerous prophetic messages about what just took place in the election. Some rejoicing, ignoring the great gains of the evil doers. Others, seeing no reason to worry, others, blaming the President. Personally, I felt to keep my feelings and opinions to myself as I was stunned at the outcome of the election. I was expecting a great victory to move America forward due to having a leader that feared God and stood for Christians like no President since Ronald Reagan. Also, we were experiencing the greatest prayer movement for America most had ever seen. Read More

We have no breakings in upon us by hostile nations.

The Lord has been good to this people and to their monarch, in subduing their enemies. He renders him, for the favor thus shown, his tribute of thanksgiving. But still they had other enemies to overcome; and in the former part of the text, he offers his petitions for the continuance of the Divine favor, in order that the complete redemption and prosperity of Israel might be accomplished. Read More

"God, will we take America out of the hands of lying liberals.."

God has given us that plan. It is going to take financial support in advance in order to accomplish our outreach to taking Founders Bibles to youth on college campuses. Remember, He sent His Word and healed them. The enemy has assaulted our families. He has deceived our children and bullied us into thinking, they can not and will not be saved. Many are caught up in deep sexual sins…damnable sin. What to do? Read More

AMERICA WILL CHOOSE. Christians will decide which God they will serve.

America’s Spiritual Battle must be won in the spirit. Intercessors with Insight teams are on sight nationwide redeeming the land and avenging the blood of the innocent. The Lord has called team leaders in California, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Boston, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Mexico. Read More

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