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Acts 7:34 I have certainly seen the oppression of My people in Egypt and have heard their groans...

WORD FROM FAYE: Dear Intercessors; Last week’s Facts was one of the

most important prayer guidelines you have ever received. It is long,

detailed, and boring. You must pay attention and read it until you

understand it. The people exposed in it must be brought down, in

the spirit and in the natural. They are the people Obama is a major

part of to fulfill his promise to “fundamentally transform America.”

Obama was in the White House yesterday celebrating his

accomplishments and the agenda to remove our national

sovereignty and US Constitution that is happening in plain sight and

tax funded. He and his cohorts are rejoicing. Only God can save

America. That is why we must stay on the wall and believe for more

media sponsors for my television and youtube outreach. The truth

will prevail. READ MORE

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