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We mourn the passing of Faye Hardin

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we share that our mother, your beloved Faye, passed away on Tuesday, December 27, 2022. Her weakened heart just finally gave out after many years of heart disease. She was revived twice by paramedics but didn’t survive a third heart attack. Rhonda was with her in the hospital holding her hand as she passed on to glory and into the arms of Jesus. It happened unexpectedly and very quickly. Though we are terribly heartbroken over her death, we are grateful that she didn’t suffer. In the days prior to her passing, she told several of us, “I am ready to go anytime the Lord wants to take me,” so that brings us some comfort.

We held a sweet graveside service in Orlando with all the members of our immediate family on Friday and it was a special time to remember her life. Mom’s wishes were for her death to be handled this way. There is an online memorial/tribute page for anyone who would like to share memories or messages to the family. Her obituary can also be read there. We find comfort in hearing how Mom has touched the lives of others. The link is

We wanted to thank you all for your continued support of our mom’s ministry and all the prayers and financial support over the years. Her life was dedicated to serve the Lord every minute of every day, and her prayer life was fervent. She loved this country and helped inspire so many people to pray and take action to help steer our country in the right direction. She worked tirelessly towards this end. She knew the Bible like few do, and loved teaching others from the Word.

Unfortunately her tv show will end and her Faye’s Facts will not continue. We will work on getting out any items ordered (Liberty Bells) as soon as possible. Any donations received at this point will be returned to the giver. It will take a little while to sort through everything, so please be patient with us.

We will keep the email and website open for a while so please feel free to communicate that way, if needed.

We appreciate your prayers of comfort. Our family is devastated. Though we knew mom’s health was declining, we didn’t expect her to go so soon. We are praying for you all, too. We know she will be missed greatly.

I’m sure we all would’ve gotten a phone message today from Mom wishing us a Happy New Year, so in lieu of her, please hear her wish through us. Happy New Year! She would want us all to remember her with joy and not sadness and to keep praying for our country and each other!

Grateful for you all,

Rhonda and Lori, Faye’s Daughters

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